Mobile Casino

These days, technology has advanced to new heights. Mobile phones are much more than just telecommunication devices. Mobile phones have a wide variety of applications, functionalities and games that help in keeping people hooked to them. The mobile casino games are just like these games. They are quite similar to online casinos.

The only big difference is that you can keep these casinos in your pocket. Now, you can enjoy casino games like Roulette, Poker, Slots, etc. at any time of the day. You can even gamble while at work. These games are smaller than their online casino versions, but, are as interesting and fun as the real deal.

Growth of mobile casino games:

Mobile casinos were not very popular initially as the speed of the mobile networks was not that fast. It would take a lot of time for the games to load. Also, the graphics and game playing functionalities were not very attractive. But, in the past few years, mobile phones have evolved completely and are giving computers a run for their money.

Today's cell phones are as good as computers and have almost all of the applications. 3G and other technologies have made sure that you can get high speed net access on the go. The graphics and other factors are really impressive too. Thus, naturally, the online casino games have become a big hit today.

Origin of mobile casinos:

Different sorts of games had always been a part of cell phones. But, these games did not involve any money. Most people found the idea of earning money while playing games very intriguing. Thus, mobile casinos were introduced. People could have the experience of playing at a real casino simply by using their mobile phones.

They could gamble while getting bored in queue, waiting for a bus, etc. Wild Jack was the first mobile casino game and was launched in 2006. It was quite a big hit and the concept of mobile casinos spread like wild fire. More and more such games are being developed and marketed by the day. In 2009, mobile technology advanced to a great new level and mobile payment options, graphics, net speed, etc. became much better than before. This boosted mobile casinos in a big way.

The future:

Mobile casinos are the next level of casino gambling. The quality and content of these games are improving with time. The scale, winning amounts, etc. are getting bigger and bigger. Also, the functionalities of mobile phones are improving simultaneously.