Slot machines are not very ancient casino game unlike roulette and blackjack, which have history of gambling at special rooms and houses of several centuries. The first machine, which slightly resembles modern slots appeared in late 19th century , almost at the beginning of the 20th. So, this game is played a little bit more, than 100 years, but the changes it went through cannot be compared with the changes, other games experienced.

Probably the most important change, which happened to slot machines, was the creation of video poker. When the possibility to play at the electronic, not mechanical reels appeared, more and more slot game variations started to be developed. New symbols appeared and each machine started to be unique, as the necessity to depict only fruits, bells and sevens was diminishes. Still, the name of “fruit machines” is still often used for the slots, even if there is no fruit symbols at the reels. Option to choose slot machine with different number of paylines appeared. Players have got a possibility to choose machines with even 100 paylines, which was impossible just several years ago. In 1990s slots started to resemble modern machines.

When the era of Internet fully captivated the world, slots machine started a new phase of its development – they appeared at online casinos and became even more available for everyone, who wanted to play this game. Today you will find hundreds, even thousands, of different slot machines online, which offer not only different numbers of reel, paylines and symbols, but also jackpots, which are really tremendous. You can hit several millions of dollar if your luck will be at your side. Besides, game payouts are really very high, which makes gamblers play even more, as when they use some specific strategies (which have been developed by the people, who know slot machines perfectly), they have more chances to keep money in their pockets and even if they lose, these sums are usually very considerate.

With the flow of the time and development of technological devices, slots undergo changes, which can be good for one player and not so good for other. Just take slots as the perfect way to have fun and you will see that gambling is enjoyable and that you always can find something good at each game you play!

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